Transfer Offshore Company Domicile to RAKICC Today

Migrate your company from any jurisdiction to RAK ICC in 3 simple steps.

Keep your company name. Keep legal and banking history. Continue as a going concern.

Step 1

Get a quick quote

We will send you a quote once you reach out to us with the best price possible

Step 2

Approve the quote/We register your offshore company

Once you notify that you approved the quote will contact you immediately and arrange for a meeting or continue online as per your preferences

Step 3

Receive the service/We deliver corporate documents to you

Once necessary payments done, we will proceed immediately in the required service and will be provided to you in the shortest times

Commercial License Packages

Silver Package

  • Government fee covered

  • Certificate of continuation

  • MOA and AOA

  • Premium address in Dubai, Business Bay

  • Resolution to appoint director(s)

  • Dedicated agent for 1 year, until the next annual payment

Gold Package

In addition to silver packages services you get:

  • Assistance with bank account opening

  • Share certificate(s) issued in the name of each of the shareholders of the company

  • Dedicated company secretarial services

Platinum Package

  • Platinum includes everything in Gold, plus:

  • Company stamp

  • Company letterhead

  • Assigned premier service agent throughout the year who will respond to you with priority

NB: The bank account will be opened based on the personal profile of the client and the company. There may be circumstances out of our control and the decision for bank account opening rests solely with the banks.


Below are the timelines for setting up a free zone company

in Shams Free Zone, Sharjah.

Step 1 – We prepare your company documents

We will reserve your RAK Offshore company name and prepare the following company formation documents as your RAK ICC registered agents:

  1. Memorandum of association.

  2. Articles of association.

  3. Letter of appointment of director(s) and secretary.

  4. Letter of appointment of registered agent.



Step 3 – We register your RAK Offshore company

Regular requests: We will submit your company documents to RAK ICC for the formation of your new company. The prescribed timeframe for the registration of RAK Offshore company is approximately three (3) working days.

Urgent requests: If you require urgent service, your company can be formed in one (1) working day with an additional fee of AED 1,700.


Step 2 – You sign company documents

For UAE residents: You will need to visit our offices in Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to sign your company documents.

For non-UAE residents: We will prepare a specimen signature form which you will need to sign before a notary public in the country of your residence and return in original to us. All other company documents will need to be printed and signed by you at your office/home and returned to us in originals.

  • Important About Your RAK Offshore Company Bank Account

Once your company has been registered, you can open a bank account with any bank offering bank account opening services to offshore companies in the UAE and around the world. We work closely with major banks in the UAE and worldwide. We will provide all coordination and facilitation required for the bank account opening, if you have opted for this service. The process of bank account opening may take between 5-15 working days or more depending on a case by case basis.

Checklist of Documents Required


  • Registered agent consent letter.

  • Certified copy of certificate of incorporation or equivalent document.

  • Certificate of good standing (current dated and required in original).

  • The MOA and AOA as they would take effect on continuation in RAKC ICC.

  • Evidence that laws of relevant jurisdiction allow continuation of company into RAK ICC. This usually comprises written confirmation from registrar that the applicant may continue into RAK ICC.

  • Certificate of the Registered Agent or Directors of company that the application to continue and the proposed memorandum and articles have been approved by (a) a majority of the directors, shareholders or other persons who are charged with exercising the powers of the applicant and (b) the holders of any charges over the asset or shares of company.

  • Certificate of the Registered Agent or Directors of company that the applicant is not disqualified from continuing into RAK ICC. These deal with the solvency of the applicant.

  • Certificate of incumbency in respect of company or a certificate signed by a director attaching a certified copy of the current register of members and directors, including all such information as would be required to be kept by Registrar. This is required to be current dated and required in original.

  • KYC information required for directors, shareholders.


For Individual Shareholders and Ultimate Beneficial Owners

  1. Certified copy of in force passport

  2. Certified copy of current utility bill or local authority tax bill or tenancy agreement or residency certificate showing address of current permanent residence or bank statement

For Corporate Shareholders

  1. Certified copy of certificate of incorporation or registration and any trade license or equivalent.

  2. Certified copy of AOA and MOA.

  3. Current certificate of incumbency or register extracts.

  4. Current certificate of good standing.

  5. Certified copy of passport of the authorized signatory of the corporate shareholder.

  6. Name of shareholders and ultimate beneficial owners.

  7. Certified copy of corporate resolution approving the continuation of the company.

For Trusts as Shareholders

  1. Trust deed.

  2. Current certified register extract for the Trust.

  3. Details of all additions to the Trust (if any).

  4. Certified copies of passports of settlor, protector & beneficiaries.

  5. Corporate Trustee – as for corporate shareholders above.

  6. Individual Trustee – as for individual shareholders above.

For Foundations as Shareholders

  1. Certified copy of certificate of incorporation or registration and any trade license or equivalent.

  2. Foundation regulations and charter.

  3. Foundation minutes approving the incorporation of the RAK ICC company.

  4. Current certificate of good standing.

  5. For foundation council members and protectors who are natural persons – see For Individual shareholders above.

For Individual Directors /Secretaries

  1. As for individual shareholder above.

  2. Consent letter from the directors/secretaries.

For Corporate Directors /Secretaries

  1. See 1-6 of corporate shareholder above.

  2. Resolution of corporate directors/secretaries accepting the appointment as directors/secretaries of the company template.


  1. If the continued MOA and AOA of company are signed partly or wholly outside the, the signatures must be notarized.

  2. If the continued MOA and AOA are signed wholly within the UAE, provide an undertaking letter from the registered agent.

  3. In case the documents are signed under a power of attorney, then provide a passport copy of the person signing under the POA along with valid copy of the POA.

  4. Documents in foreign languages must be accompanied by duly certified English or Arabic translations.

  5. Documents which must be current should be dated within 3 months from the date of the application.

  6. All documents must be duly signed and stamped by registered agent; copies must be certified by the registered agent or a notary.

  7. The Registrar reserves the right to call for additional documents.

  8. In addition to providing the documents above, it is the responsibility of Registered Agents to comply with regulation 26 of the RAK ICC Registered Agent Regulations 2018 and applicable UAE law (including as regards the prevention of money laundering and terrorist finance).


Here are some of the key features of RAK offshore companies


RAK International Corporate Centre (RAK ICC or RAKICC) is a Corporate Registry established in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.

2. Type of Company

International business company that can carry out business internationally or act as a holding company.

3. Information publishing and confidentiality

RAK ICC does not keep any public register relating to company shareholders or officers. This information is kept confidential in accordance with the applicable laws.

4. Requirements for accounting

There are no accounting or reporting requirements for RAK offshore companies.

5. Taxes

RAK offshore companies are exempt from all taxation in the United Arab Emirates.

6. Laws

RAK ICC provides a modern offshore legislative framework. Basis of legislation is the UAE law.

7. 100% Ownership

100% foreign ownership is permitted and there are no requirements for having UAE national as partner.

8. Time zone

Convenient world time zone: GMT+4

9. Paid up capital requirement

No paid up capital requirement.

10. Minimum directors/shareholders

RAK offshore company requires a minimum of 1 director and 1 shareholder.

11. Bearer shares

Not permitted.