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Set up Freezone Company in Dubai, UAE

Set up a Freezone company in Dubai UAE. There are around 40 Free Zones working in the UAE, with additional development. Each Free Zone has planned around at least one business classifications and just offers licenses to organizations inside those classes. 

The fundamental attractions of building up a substance in one of the UAE's Free Zones is that there are no unfamiliar proprietorship limitations and organizations are governed by an autonomous Free Zone Authority (FZA), which is answerable for giving working licenses and directing the exercises of organizations inside the Free Zone. 

The UAE is presently a significant business center point and ideal for setting up a business or a delegate office, there are currently more than 40 distinctive "Streamlined commerce Zones" in the UAE so distinguishing the best Free Zone through which to lead the business in the locale can be a dull errand. It is additionally a typical misguided judgment that a Free Zone Company is a seaward organization, notwithstanding, disregarding their similitudes; they do likewise have very contrasting qualities. 

Notwithstanding empowering investors, chiefs, and workers to acquire residency visas in the UAE, the advantages of a Free Zone include: 

100% unfamiliar proprietorship (no prerequisite for a nearby accomplice/support); 

100% bringing home of capital and benefits; 

100% corporate and individual salary charge exception; 

Nonattendance of money limitations; 

Wide assortment of licensable exercises; 

Bountiful and cheap energy; 

Present-day, effective correspondences; 

Strategic efficiencies because of business group impact; 

Overhauled work areas and workplaces for SMEs and new companies; 

Superb help administrations. 

Set Up Freezone Company in Dubai UAE

The idea of the business activities that you plan to complete will affect choosing the Free Zone to meet your prerequisites. The chief Free Zones and their permit exercises include: 

Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC) – Commodities Trade and Exchanges; 

Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) – Trading, General Trading, Service, Logistics and Industrial; 

Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) – Banking, Financial Services, and Legal; 

Dubai World Central (DWC) – Aviation, Logistics, Light industry, and Ancillary Services; 

Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP) – Human Resources Management, Training, and Personal Development; 

Dubai Internet City (DIC) – Internet and Communications Technology; 

Dubai Media City (DMC) – Media related exercises; 

Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) – Information Technology, Telecom, Electronic and Engineering 

Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) – Healthcare, Medical Education and Research, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment; 

Ras Al-Khaimah (RAK) – Trading, General Trading, Service, Industrial, and Educational; 

Fujairah Creative City (FCC) – Media, Consulting, Communications, Design, and Technology. 


Speculators can either enlist another organization as a Free Zone Establishment (FZE) or a Free Zone Company (FZC) – an FZE has one investor and an FZC has at least two – or essentially build up a branch or delegate office of their current or parent organization based inside the UAE or abroad. An FZE or FZC is a restricted risk organization represented by the standards and guidelines of the Free Zone in which it is set up. The arrangements of the UAE Commercial Companies Law (CCL) don't matter. 

So as to start the way toward setting up a Free Zone Company, we will require the accompanying documentation and due constancy from all investors/overseers of the proposed new organization: 

Affirmed Passport Copy and UAE Visa/UAE section stamp (if non-inhabitant) 

2 x Proofs of Address (dated inside 3 months) 

Bank or Professional Reference Letter 

Educational plan Vitae (synopsis of expert history) 

Organization Application Form (which we will give) 

If you don't mind note that some Free Zones may demand an itemized field-tested strategy, contingent upon the business activities of the proposed new organization. Sovereign has an assortment of formats so as to help you. 

When a legitimate presence has been set up in a Free Zone, the business should rent premises or land and procure a working permit from the FZA. Various sorts of licenses apply in the various kinds of the free zone. Organizations with exchange and mechanical licenses can just direct business inside the Free Zone or abroad. To sell items in the UAE, a UAE official specialist is required, and a joint endeavor should be framed.

Freezone Company Registration in UAE 

Freezone Company Registration UAE freezone organization is the ideal decision for unfamiliar financial specialists who need 100% responsibility for business. Complete unfamiliar proprietorship, exception from charge, charge residency authentication and so on make UAE freezones the most good area for organization arrangement and pulls in the financial specialists for freezone organization enlistment in UAE. Speculators can pick the UAE Free Zone organization development bundle for an expense of approx. AED 11,500 with 1 visa portion. 

UAE has more than 42 freezones with discrete locales. Each major freezone has in excess of 8000 organizations enrolled and speculators are shaping direct path to set up business in UAE freezones. Organization enlistment in each freezone has distinctive arrangement of prerequisites, cost and legitimate structure. 

Business people can browse the various Free Zones in Dubai, Sharjah, and different emirates as per their business necessities and spending plan. Cost of Company Registration in Dubai South Free Zone begins from AED 30,900 for Smart Desk Office bundle with 2 visa portion. Essentially, Sharjah Airport International Free Zone offers organization enrollment bundles beginning from AED 10,800 for 3 visa quantity. 

The accompanying kinds of organizations are enrolled in UAE freezone: 


Business Trading 


AURION has proficient specialists with inside and out information to manage speculators on all issues beginning from finding the correct area to set up business, enrollment with Free zone, lawful structure of organization, getting exchange permit, enlistment with Chamber of Commerce, banking help, acquiring new chief visa, work visas and family visa and so on. 

Favorable circumstances of Freezone Company Registration in UAE

Organization enlistment in one day 

Low arrangement charges 

100% Foreign Ownership 

100% Tax Free 

100% Capital and Profit Repatriation 

Fast and least expensive organization enlistment choices 

Exception from every business demand 

Bother free exchange measure 

Ease energy 

set up freezone company in dubai UAE

set up freezone company in dubai UAE

set up freezone company in dubai UAE

set up freezone company in dubai UAE

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Set Up Freezone Company in Dubai UAE
Set Up Freezone Company in Dubai UAE

Major freezones in UAE 

Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZA) – DAFZA the leader of Dubai with 5-star foundation, found neighboring Dubai International Airport. It is the superior free zone with completely prepared workplaces and it will be ideal alternative for lofty organizations to set up your Dubai freezone organization here. 

Free Zones Company Formation:



Numerous organizations avoid putting resources into the UAE because of the impulse of having a UAE public as a collaborate with 51% offers claimed by them. Along these lines, free zones have become a famous type of business enrollment in the UAE, where 100% unfamiliar proprietorship is permitted. A free zone, or deregulation zone, is a territory with unique tax-exempt status and low exchange boundaries where merchandise can be produced, imported/traded, took care of, or reconfigured without paying any traditions obligation. Streamlined commerce zones are commonly situated in key topographical areas like public fringes, worldwide air terminals and significant seaports, to augment exchanging favorable circumstances.

Dubai World Central (DWC) – Dubai World Central is an ace arranged city around the Al Maktoum International Airport. The new name of DWC – Dubai South has carried new occasions to the business and you could open distinctive sort of business here with the base expense. 

Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC) – DMCC is an exceptionally presumed Dubai free zone, where you can buy workplaces in JLT zone with title deed with the ensured liberated from charge period for a very long time. Open your business in UAE for exchanging Oil and Gas, Steel, Gold, Commodities along with DMCC. 

Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA) – DCCA is engaged to advance the improvement of inventive ventures in Dubai and to build up the Dubai Strategy for Innovation. 

Hamriyah Freezone (HFZA) – Hamriyah Free Zone is quick getting one of the foundations of the United Arab Emirates mechanical turn of events. Arranged in Sharjah, hamriyah Freezone has become the modern center point of emirate. The Authority issues different kind of permit at a serious expense. 

Methodology to Set Up a Business in the UAE Free Zones 

1. Decide the kind of legitimate substance 

Figure out which kind of substance you need to set up in any of the free zones. The capital necessity for such element relies on that specific free zone where you need to shape an organization; for instance, there is no base capital prerequisite for setting up a business in twofour54, though in Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ) you should have a base offer capital prerequisite of AED 150,000. 

2. Pick a business trademark 

In the wake of choosing the sort of legitimate substance, pick a trademark for your organization. Note that you should cross-check with the individual free zone authority about the allowed trademarks and whether the planned name has just been enrolled. 

3. Apply for a permit to operate 

In the wake of picking a trademark and enrolling the equivalent in the free zone authority's entryway, you need to apply for a permit to operate. The rundown of the diverse permits to operate gave by the free zone specialists has been expressed previously. The kind of permit to operate relies upon the essential action of your business. You have to present the supporting reports while applying for the permit. 

4. Pick an office space 

Free zone specialists give flex-work area office administration to help new companies. You can either purchase or rent office spaces in free zones. Office prerequisites rely upon the quantity of workers and kind of business action of your organization. 

5. Get pre-endorsement, register your business, and get the permit 

Set Up Freezone Company in Dubai UAE
Set Up Freezone Company in Dubai UAE

Get the underlying endorsement and the connected business endorsements from the particular specialists, register your business at the entryway, and get your permit. It will only take 2 a month to complete this cycle. When you get the permit, you are acceptable to begin your business. 

Why Set Up a Business in the UAE Free Zones

Organizations enrolled outside the UAE free zones can't be claimed exclusively by an unfamiliar public (a limit of 49% unfamiliar possession by the far off public, and at any rate 51% proprietorship by a UAE public is compulsory), which is one of the essential reasons why worldwide speculators crowd to UAE free zones for business venture. Aside from this, there are numerous favorable circumstances for new companies setting up their business in free zones. Rewarding impetuses and the wide range of chances gave to speculators is the thing that make free zones in the UAE the most searched after zones for setting up a business. There are a couple of reasons recorded underneath with respect to why one should set up business in the UAE. 

1. A Wide Range of Business Licenses and Activities 

An organization in the UAE free zone is allowed to participate in an assortment of business exercises with variety in the kind of licenses. The main thing is UAE free zone organizations are not permitted to participate in is the protection business. 

2. Privacy 

A free zone organization is ensured by the most significant level of protection embraced in the UAE about the personality of its proprietors, chiefs, and exercises inside worthy global guidelines. 

3. Financial balance and Registered Office 

A free zone organization is permitted to have an enlisted office at the area of the free zone it is authorized under. Moreover, one can open a ledger anyplace outside the UAE. 

It takes about seven days to finish the UAE free zone organization arrangement measure, and around 2 to 3 weeks to get a UAE home visa when a candidate contacts Commitbiz for help. We are an enlisted organization, all around educated regarding the organization development rules and guidelines in the Middle East, and have been helping organizations increase a traction in the United Arab Emirates since 2006. 

Free zone organization set up in the UAE is fulfilling, with charge exceptions, lower foundation overheads, business-accommodating government arrangements, and bother free organization. On the off chance that you are looking for a colleague to facilitate your organization development measure in the UAE and dispatch your business dreams vigorously, contact our group for help – we'll be happy to help! 

Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park) – The Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation (SRTI) Park is a Free Trade Zone close to the University City of Sharjah. It is one of the most current Freezone of UAE and is centered around advancing scholastics, research and advancement in the locale. 

Fujairah Free Zone – Free Zone of Fujairah offers brilliant availability, to the world; via air, ocean and street. Fujairah is one of the quickest and modest free zone where you can set up organization in UAE with no yearly announcing and capital prerequisites. 

Worldwide Free Zone Authority, Fujairah (IFZA) – IFZA, the new freezone in Fujairah is the most recent expansion to the freezones in the UAE. IFZA has become the quickest developing business center point and one of the least expensive freezone in UAE. The primary component is that organizations joined in IFZA are Limited Liability Company with 'LLC' postfix. Presence of investor at freezone isn't needed. It has snappiest and most effortless freezone organization enrollment measure. 

Abu Dhabi Airport Freezone (ADAFZ) – Abu Dhabi Airport Freezone is situated in the region of Abu Dhabi International Airport. It invites both nearby and unfamiliar business giving a-list foundation and meets all the business prerequisites. 

AURION will manage you in picking the Cheapest and savvy freezone that best matches your business action and necessities.

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