Dubai Mainland Company Formation

Register your mainland company in Dubai with ease.

Base your business in Dubai.  Unlimited Visas. No minimum capital required.


Step 1

We reserve your trade name

We will reserve your trade name and obtain the initial approval required for the issuance of license

Step 2

We prepare your company documents

We prepare and the shareholders sign Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association and all other company documents.

Step 3

You receive your company licence

You receive your company license to start activity.

About Department of Economic Development Dubai

What is Department of Economic Development?

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is responsible for issuing licenses to all legal entities in mainland Dubai. Law no. 13 of 2011 expressly stipulates that the DED is responsible for the regulation of economic activities for all businesses outside the free zones. The DED was established with the aim of ensuring economic growth and effective implementation of relevant policies in the emirate of Dubai. The DED works towards achieving government’s vision of expansion and development of various economic sectors.

We work closely with the DED in furtherance of the economic goal set by the government. We provide hassle-free corporate services by simplifying the process of business set-up in Dubai.

What is a Mainland Company?

A mainland company is licensed to carry out business activity in the Emirate in which it is incorporated. A mainland company is different from a free zone company in that a free zone company is only permitted to carry out a business activity in the free zone it is established. A mainland company does not have any such restriction. A mainland company is also sometimes referred to as an ‘onshore’ company. A mainland company in Dubai is one of the most sought-after enterprises.

What are the benefits of a Mainland Company?

A mainland company has the following benefits:

  1. Flexibility of conducting business activities in local as well as foreign market.

  2. No limit on the number of visas issued for the company.

  3. Office premises can be based anywhere in mainland Dubai.

  4. Accessibility and brand visibility.

  5. Access to government tenders as government departments typically do not conduct business with free zone companies.

What are the main licensing options under Department of Economic Development?

Commercial License:

A commercial license is issued in the form of a limited liability company (LLC) for carrying out any commercial activity in Dubai. It is the most widely used commercial entity.

The LLC is required to have a provision of 51% ownership of a UAE national (local sponsor) and 49% of the shares may be owned by the foreign shareholder. The interest of the foreign shareholder may be protected by signing side agreements with details of profit percentages, administrative powers and decision-making. We have developed strong relationships with strong and reliable local sponsors that ensure smooth company operations for our clients.

Professional License:

A professional license is typically issued for services, skills, and expertise of the individual(s) conducting the business. The company form can either be a sole establishment or an LLC. A foreign national can establish the sole establishment under his/her own name, with the exception of some activities. As the sole establishment is essentially a single shareholder entity, it is not required to have a local sponsor as a shareholder. Instead, the sole establishment is required to have a UAE national as a local service agent.

Branch Office:

A branch office license is a legal extension of a local or a foreign company. It does not have any separate legal personality and can only be permitted to carry out the business activity of the parent company. A special approval is required from the UAE Ministry of Economy for setting up a branch office. A UAE national is required to be appointed as local service agent for a branch office.

Representative Office:

A representative office is primarily set-up to only promote the business and expand the accessibility of the parent company. The appointment of a UAE national as local service agent is a mandatory requirement.


Here are some of the key features of Dubai Mainland.

1. DED:

Mainland companies are registered with the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, UAE.

2. Types of licences offered:

Commercial License, Professional License, Trade License and Industrial License.

3. Number of visas:

The company may have unlimited visas issued depending on office size.

4. Location:

The office may be based anywhere in mainland Dubai.

5. Law:

Commercial Companies Law, Law no. 2 of 2015.

6. Ownership:

Local sponsor is required to own 51% of shares in LLC. It does not apply to sole establishments.

7. Paid-up capital:

No paid-up capital requirement.

Government Departments

We can help you with the processes in the following government departments.